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Sale of Debt

Dolan Realty Sale of Debt

During this part of the business cycle and moving forward, we will see a tremendous unwinding of debt in Real Estate from both the Balance Sheet Lenders and CMBS issues.

This is the fourth real estate cycle Dolan Realty has experienced, and each one has its own nuances and characteristics. In the 1990s, there was the RTS and OTS; today it is much more diffused and requires finding the Special Servicer or Workout Specialist who is handling the file.

Since 2008, we have been building a catalog of both contacts and properties. The focus of Dolan Realty is to identify:

  • Over-leveraged, well-located, cash-yielding assets which can be bought at significant discounts off of the face value of the existing debt.
  • Construction loans from Balance Sheet Lenders on completed projects which did not sell or lease.
  • Short Sales of cash-producing assets where the Lender does not want to part of the chain of title.

Dolan Realty is working with well-capitalized private equity capable of making 8 and 9 figure acquisitions on an all cash basis and closing very quickly.